Indivinity Productions and Empathic Partners presents:

Healing Our Way Home Songwriting Workshop

Group Format:

Size: 5 – 16 people, depending on location

Duration: 2 ½ – 3 Hours

Frequency: Once then additional therapy, coaching, energy healing or group process if requested.

Cost: $55

Trauma Healing:

For anyone who has been through any type of trauma –

To be free from conscious/sub-conscious behaviors that have arisen from personal painful experiences throughout life, that contribute to difficulties in regular life functioning such as anxiety, depression, social phobias, addictions, obsessive/compulsive behaviors, suicidal thoughts and/or any other challenges to a person mentally and emotionally.


The purpose of the workshop is to release energy from trauma and the attachment to our story.  Everyone has a story in life; we can become stuck in the story as we suppress and attach to the feelings that we have, or we can choose to let go and heal. Unconsciously, we use these stories to hold us back in some area of our lives. When we put our story to song, it changes the energy of the story and how we feel, so as to release the attachment. In essence, it changes the story.

We will help you to discover that anyone can be a songwriter. You will experience a way to shift your connection to your story and your Self through song, as we connect with ourselves and each other in love, sharing and support.  

Goals & Objectives:

  1. To provide a safe space to be able to connect with self and others in opening up to our stories and find what causes the anxieties from the traumas that we may have experienced.
  2. To help clients understand the dynamics of their anxiety and recognize the triggers of anxiety in their everyday living.
  3. To reduce the frequency of unproductive worry and help clients be able to identify irrational and rational thoughts.
  4. To begin to release anxiety caused by situations and traumas in life.
  5. To provide clients with various different techniques and strategies to apply to reduce and cope with the feelings of anxiety.

*Option to sing your own created lyric, verse, spoken word, or song OR Noel and Caroline will sing it for you or with you to music set by us.

Workshop Overview:

Part 1: Explanation

Part 2: Live Music Meditation

Part 3: Story Writing Worksheet Process with Live Music

Part 4: Creating, Song Processing, and Healing

Part 5: Breathing Exercise to Decompress and Close

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Caroline Rena –

Caroline is an Energy Healing Practitioner, Spiritual Life Leadership Coach. She is also one of the mothers interviewed in the Erasing Family Documentary which talks about Parental Alienation and the Mental Health ramifications it has on our children and alienated parents and its effect on family and society. Over the past 20 years, dealing with “Complex PTSD”, she has worked on her healing journey through trauma to triumph.

Caroline works with others on the belief systems we learn as children and how our habits and behaviors that are formed are affected by these beliefs when we become adults. She has a unique, compassionate approach with everyone she works with in shifting from outmoded beliefs to connecting with our authentic selves in order to serve our planet.

Caroline has been working on her own personal development through research and courses for over 28 years which led her to combine her gifts and skills into a cohesive program that guides and assists others through anxiety, overwhelm and breaking through their unconscious belief systems.

At 13, after years of singing in school chorus, playing the piano, violin and cello, she gave up on music. At this point in her journey, she is back singing, songwriting and relearning the piano and is continuing her journey guiding others through healing from trauma.

Noel Neu, MS, LMHC –

Noel Neu is a licensed psychotherapist in the state of Florida with extensive experience working with adults and adolescents in treating addiction, codependency and behavioral issues, with a special focus on helping men, women, and teens improve their communication skills and enhance their ability to set and achieve attainable goals in their lives.

He has worked as a residential and outpatient substance abuse counselor and served as a mental health technician for a child/adolescent psychiatric facility and has been a volunteer for the Mental Health Association and Center for Information and Crisis Services in Palm Beach County.

Noel has managed to take his career as a psychotherapist and fuse it with a music. The help he’s given his patients and the work he’s done on himself, has heavily influenced his take on classic folk-rock as his music as a reflection of the help he’s given. He has also presented a way for listeners to connect through self-reflection, with the goal to move the body, spirit, heart, and soul. Noel Neu is focused on being a singer-songwriter with a purpose and a healing, heartfelt message. Healing Medicine Music.

With over 150 songs and 3 albums released on his own, Noel wants to continue connecting with people as a singer-songwriter with a purpose and heartfelt message.

Together we are Indivinity…

Self-reflection is often the guiding force of music. Music is literally the sound of the soul that evokes feeling and connection at all levels. We hope to help you discover harmony, empowerment, love, and peace and find acceptance of what you are looking for within you. The goal of our music is to move the body, spirit, heart, and soul while walking through the mind to find a place where you feel you belong here and now by healing the traumas in childhood or life that may have caused challenges to a person mentally and emotionally.

The Healing Medicine Music that we play, and offer is reminiscent of the 70s type folk rock/folk soul music. It connects with us to help heal ourselves and others. The notes, at 432hz, dive deeply into the body and connect with our cells for healing. The vibration of peaceful, loving songs is what heals with words that speak of peace, joy, love, connection, etc.

Listen, feel, and feed your heart and soul so you can bring peace to your life and the planet.