Have you been feeling stuck? In a challenging relationship? In a dead-end job? In general?

Now is the time to find your way out.

We have been working on our own and together on personal development and a healing journey through research and courses. All of this led them to combine their gifts and skills into a cohesive program that guides and assists others through anxiety, overwhelm and breaking through unconscious belief systems in a much shorter timeframe.

In our work, we infuse coaching, therapy, and healing frequency music we call Healing Medicine Music, to provide you with a powerful outcome to find who you really are and freedom in your life.

Together, Caroline and Noel have over 40 years of collective personal and professional experience, shifting the experience of trauma through empowerment to triumph.

Imagine a world where we all feel safe and whole. A place where stress is a thing of the past and we can connect with others in relationship without reacting from sub-conscious beliefs and behaviors. A world where our lives flow with ease and we are able to create exactly what we want.

That world is possible, when we make the decision to heal our wounds to lessen the symptoms of trauma, loss and anxiety/depression into building our self-esteem and finding who we really are.

There are many ways to do that and our focus is from our personal and professional experience, individually and together, in these areas. We are here to support you in your healing journey:

  • Conscious Awareness Coaching
  • Licensed Mental Health Counseling
  • Conscious Family Healing
  • Spiritual Teacher/Mentor/Coach/Connector
  • Divorce/Custody/Alienation Consulting
  • Bringing Awareness to Alienation/Emotional Cutoff through the Erasing Family Documentary (Interviewee Caroline Rena is available for speaking and panel discussions.)
  • Ordained Ministry
  • Healing Medicine Music
  • Indivinity Podcasts

Come join us in partnership to release what no longer serves you in a safe space of love and support to heal from trauma, loss and grief.

Find your way home to the joyful life you deserve.

You can also connect with Caroline or Noel directly, below…