Welcome to Indivinity Healing Medicine Music!

Self-reflection is often the guiding force of music. Music is literally the sound of the soul that evokes feeling and connection at all levels. The intention of our music is to connect with others through songs to help ourselves and others in healing. When we listen to music it moves the body, spirit, heart, and soul while taking us on a journey through the mind.

Music can help in healing the traumas from childhood or life that may have caused mental and emotional challenges. We hope to help you discover harmony, empowerment, love, and peace and find acceptance of what you are looking for, within you.

The Healing Medicine Music that we share is reminiscent of the 70s type folk rock/folk soul music. It connects with us to help heal ourselves and others. The notes played using the healing frequencies (i.e. 432 Hz., Solfeggio) dive deeply into the body and connect with our cells for re-membering. The vibration of peaceful, loving songs is what heals with words that speak of peace, joy, love, connection.