Indivinity started as something that neither of us expected. It began as an opportunity for Caroline Rena, to hold a Writing Support Group in Noel Neu’s office.

Noel agreed to let Caroline use the space for the group. When she went to his office, she found a keyboard and guitar sitting there. “Hmm, this is interesting,” she thought.

Caroline’s own healing journey and her desire to serve and help others recover from trauma, led her to this space. At the same time, during Noel’s healing journey, he had been wanting to connect with a singing partner for a while.

The second time they met, Caroline asked Noel if they could sing cover songs together.

And then something happened.

Caroline was really excited because she had always wanted to sing and her life’s journey took her away from doing it when she was 13. He agreed to the cover songs and they played for about 20 minutes.

Noel said that it was fun, however, it’s more fun writing a song. He then asked, “Do you want to see how I write one?” and Caroline said, “Sure!” As she was listening to him play the chords and vocalize the melody using sounds instead of words, she started hearing the actual words to a song. She grabbed a piece of paper and started writing and that was all it took. An hour and a half later, their first song, Long and Lonely Road came from that.

The name Indivinity is derived from a combination of thoughts; as an inspiration of going beyond this life and our daily routines and challenges, into the soul-level experience. Finding that our true purpose is Being Within the Divine and the Divine is Within us; hence the name Indivinity located inside the Infinity symbol.

Our intention for this is to communicate and connect through songs to help ourselves and others in healing from trauma. Our music is healing.

Indivinity Bio:

Caroline Rena works as an Energy Healing Practitioner and Spiritual Life Leadership Coach and Noel Neu, MS, LMHC works as a Licensed Psychotherapist in Florida and Energy Healing Practitioner as Empathic Partners, Inc. We combine our gifts and skills to bring a new and deeper way of healing for our clients who have been through trauma and are ready to recover, heal and grow through psychotherapy, coaching, energy healing, healing songwriting workshops and as Indivinity, playing Healing Medicine Music and doing community events. Original songs written for connection to help heal ourselves and others.

Reminiscent of the 70’s type folk rock/folk soul music, the notes, played at 432 Hz, dive deeply into the body and connect with our cells. The vibration of peaceful, loving songs is what heals with words that speak of peace, joy, love, connection, etc. We invite you to listen, feel, and feed your heart and soul so you can bring healing from trauma and peace to your life and the planet.

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